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Aaron O'Brien


Hi, I’m Aaron, the director here at Avodah!

We’re a family-first company that doesn't compromise on safety over quality. I'm a father and husband, so I understand the importance of getting home safe and in one piece. As well as the importance of securing recurring work through consistent high-quality, and efficient turnaround times.



We established Avodah out of an obvious demand in the industry and poor quality of work being delivered across all industries. We have a strong family community focus in our hiring and training so that our work isn't the only thing contributing to our communities, as we train and develop quality tradespeople. 

Avodah: The Name

The story behind our name is that the Hebrew word “avodah” (ah-vod-ah) is translated for both work and worship in the Bible. In other words, to work is service. God receives work as worship done unto Him, not for our own benefit but as an offering to Him. This means the workplace is God’s place. The workplace is a place of worship where we may express the compassion of Christ in word and deed.

To help others in need thorugh our excellent service.


To provide the best electrical service for our clients through quality, hard workmanship, and innovation. 

  • Competency

  • Determination

  • Growth

  • Leadership

  • Respect

  • Compassion

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