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Our accredited electricians at Avodah Electrical Consulting are here to solve your solar problems quickly and efficiently. Solar panels are not only a great way of ensuring the protection of the environment, but you also save money on your electricity bill!



Repair Existing Sytems

If your solar needs repairing and you would like to extend the lifetime of your panels, get a quote with us today! Repairing your system will not only save you money on bills, but you will ultimately generate more green energy.

Replace Existing Outdated System

If your solar is outdated, has become damaged, or has stopped working effectively. Call us today so our experienced electricians will get the job done in no time! 

Energy Monitoring Installation

Energy monitors are plug-in devices that connect to your appliances to track their electricity usage. If you would like valuable insights into your energy consumption patterns to help identify ways to optimize efficiency and save on electricity costs then don't hesitate to give us a call. 

Battery/Energy Storage Solutions

Energy storage solutions are a set of methods/technologies used to store energy, allowing you to draw upon electricity at a later time. There is a great benefit of this method as it allows you to store excess energy and discharge it.

E/V Charges

If you are an EV owner this would be great for you! E/V charges are safer, faster, and cheaper for prolonging your vehicle's battery life. Having an electric charger at home means that you can select one with the certainty that it will function with your electric vehicle of choice.

Repair Existing Systems
Replace Existing Outdated System
Energy Monitoring Installation
Battery/Energy Storage Solutions
EV Charges
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