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Here our services range from security, lighting, fire services, test & tag, and also data. Enquire now for more information!



CCTV Systems are a great way of providing security and added safety to your home/office. At Avodah Electrical, we will work with you to create a personalized security plan that meets your needs. By using high-quality CCTV systems and products, you will be able to have access to internal and external surveillance of your property whilst knowing that your security system will be in the best hands of our highly qualified electricians.

Security Lighting 

Security lighting will help to deter or detect intrusions on your property/site. For that extra added safety and reassurance, you can trust that our skilled electricians will help you choose a security system that is best suited to your needs. 

Fobs OR Electric Locks

A Smart Lock door uses electronic signals to unlock a door rather than a physical key. There are a range of optional safety codes to choose from such as; pin codes, unlocking with fingerprints, RFID, Bluetooth, or even Wifi is also available. Smart locks are definitely much safer as they are harder to pick. It is a great safety feature as if a burglar tries to guess your access code, they'll be locked out after too many tries. Enquire with Avodah electrical if you have any questions and would like this safety feature.

Fire Services

Fire Services


A Fire Indicator Panel (FIP) is the controlling component of a fire alarm system. This is what actually detects the environmental factors such as heat or smoke that are picked up when there is a fire. FIPs are essential components of any fire protection system.

Smoke Fire Alarms/Detectors

Smoke alarms save lives and are required to be installed and maintained in properties where you sleep and on each level of your home or office. Our electricians will ensure any smoke alarms that are installed meet the requirements of Australian Standards and will offer professional advice so that your home or office complies with the most recent legislative requirements. 


Installing, replacing, or checking your alarms will help you sleep a little easier knowing that your house is fully compliant and that your family has the assurance of fully operational smoke detectors.

Lighting Control

Lighting Control

Zen Control

Zen Control is designed for sensors. All the components of the system are tracked for power consumption and usage. This includes light switches, sensors, emergency devices, controllers, and all wireless products.


Electrical lighting control systems which are used in most commercial spaces that we are familiar with and are able to program and install the compatible accessories and wiring required. 

Emergency Lighting

We can help you audit your workspaces, test the operation time of your emergency lighting system, and install new emergency lighting where required.

Test & Tag

Test & Tag


Test & Tag is a process to ensure that your appliances are in compliance with regulations of electrical safety in the workplace. The steps include a visual inspection, an electrical inspection, as well as the tagging process to indicate results.



A data center rack is designed to house servers, networking devices, cables, and other data center computing equipment. It serves as a frame for housing the servers.


WAPs (Wireless Access Point) is an active device meaning it requires electrical power during working. It is a Wi-Fi device that converts the data from wired Ethernet into a wireless signal which lets devices such as computers, tablets, and cellphones be connected to a network through network cables.


Boosters are used to extend your wireless network to areas where the signal is low. Enquire with us for more information on Boosters. 

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