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Business Support

As a consulting electrical still active in the industry, we understand the needs of our clients/peers. Since Avodah Electrical has key team members' experience in similar roles, we are able to utilize our network to your benefit. Whether our services fit your needs, you cannot find the time or you don't enjoy estimating or recruiting, give us a call as we'd love to assist in keeping you in the hot seat for you in your business!

Recruitment/Labour Hire

We offer this service as Avodah aims to hire keen, motivated professionals aiming to advance and develop themselves in the industry.


By offering this service we are able to build a larger team and provide diversity in our specialisation in the work we take on, whilst assisting our team to garner a wealth of experience.

If you can't find the time to hire or finding your job isn't set to finish on time, we may offer to help you, and if you find that you are ready for a new hire but can't wait we can help you onboard an already working team member today or hire out our teams until one comes available. Call us to see how we can help you.

Estimating Quantity Surveying 

As Companies in our region grow, we recognise they struggle to keep up with estimating, invoicing, or getting tenders in on time. 


We offer this service and can help provide recommendations as to how you may be able to streamline your estimating processes. Simply send us the plans and scope of work so we can provide you with a cable schedule, and full quantities based on plans, this can be as restrictive or fluid as you like we can add margins, prices, and labour costs. However,  this may vary from different suppliers and the experience of your labour force but in any case, we are here to get you tender ready today. 

Project Management 

This service is provided simply out of the need we've found to keep teams on track. It's hard to be the 'bad guy' or set KPIs and hold your team to them if you're working alongside or have hired and worked with them for some time but the business has grown and now you're finding it hard to bring correction, rigidity or structure to your growing business. 

By hiring Avodah to take over this function you get third-party opinions on how your team is tracking jobs and get someone to set KPIs, liaise with builders, identify variations, someone to mediate between your team and the client or even yourself. We bring a full suite of services as outlined in this section from safety reporting/SWMS/risk assessments, estimating quantity conveyancing, and even labour hire solutions all this to keep you on track in business and in the green. 

General Consultancy

Are you finding yourself unable to provide answers or have trouble finding solutions to a client's problems? Or, if you have an opportunity to meet a client on-site but need a second opinion, we can help! 


Due to the Large network Avodah has in the industry when we are consulting it's not just us troubleshooting, but the full wealth of knowledge from our established industry network behind us which keeps us on the edge of new technology entering the market. 


By consulting with us, you can take advantage of our network, and experience, to take the time out of troubleshooting so you can offer solutions, and turn out estimates and jobs faster keeping you looking for the next job rather than stuck in the last one. 

Reporting/ Compliance Check

Simply by virtue of working in the industry and having to go through auditing and training to keep current, we are able to advise you to the extent of our own experience and that of our network so that you can keep in the know and keep yourself compliant regarding;


  • Wiring rules As3000 etc.

  • Building Codes Australia (BCA) how is your installation affected by the building codes?

  • Safety, this could be a check to see if your > SWMS and risk assessments are doing the job and keeping you compliant and your team safe.

  • Emergency systems installation, integration, and operation are compliant. 


We can meet you on-site, or field your calls as they come as this takes the time out of investigating/troubleshooting and keeps you moving forward rather than getting caught in the weeds. If you are unsure if you're compliant we can help.

Recruitment Labour Hire
Estimating Quantity Surveying
Project Management
General Consultancy
Reporting/Compliance Check
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